This summer, the Yoga Connection in Manassas, VA decided to refresh its brand, and I was excited to be involved.

When I started to work with the Yoga connection, this was their logo:




It had worked for them for many years, but was ready to be refreshed. Here is the new logo:





The goal was to alter the type treatment to update the look and feel, and most importantly: improve readability. I also added a second green color for visual emphasis and variety. The lotus mark is an established component of their brand, so I rotated it and moved it closer to the type so that it felt more integrated.


Once we got the logo finalized, it was time to move on to the website. The old website was built on HTML and CSS with some javascript. Here is what it looked like before the refresh:



I moved them to WordPress, and integrated an online booking system which replaced their old manual (and largely paper-driven) system. They specifically requested a website that was calming, welcoming, and gender-neutral, and I think I was able to hit all those targets. Here is the beautiful new website:




I am thrilled with how it turned out and the customer is happy too. Click to see it in action, and book a class while you’re there!



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