When a talented local surgeon decided to launch his own business, he approached me about designing the brand from the ground up. Named, “Surgical Consultants of Northern Virginia,” we shortened it to SCNV and worked the brand around that acronym.

The first task was to develop the logo and pick the company colors. I designed an element that put a classic medical cross into a circle, and bisected it. We picked a cool red for the mark, and paired it with a fresh palette of blues for use in the logo, on the website, and on printed collateral.


I created a suite of printed collateral for the office, including business cards, envelopes, letterhead, and intake forms.
CollateralFinally, there was the website. I found a template and customized it for the business. There is a dynamic slider at the top featuring various aspects of the business, as well as accolades earned by the doctor.











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