“Plynth” is a play on the architectural term, “plinth.” The task here was to create a comprehensive  corporate identity for Plynth Homes. The company wants to be perceived as solid, enduring, and somewhat classic, yet modern and eco-friendly. I started by creating a logo to evoke all of this.


To illustrate the versatility of the logo, I mocked up some real-world applications.









An iPad app? Why not, seems like everyone has got one these days.



I created all the necessary collateral: business cards, letterhead, envelopes, and mailing labels. I created the tagline, “unlock your dreams” to include on these items.



I created an insert for the New Homes Guide (a free periodical). This insert advertises a Plynth community called “Catoctin Ridge.” I created the logo for this community as well as the layout.



I made a marketing sheet to help promote the community. The equestrian lifestyle is emphasized.

MarketingSheet1_Page_1 MarketingSheet1_Page_2


Finally, to keep the corporate image consistent across all applications, I created some guidelines and boundaries specifying what fonts and colors to use, and how to use the logo, among other things. This comprehensive document is called the Plynth Graphics Standards Guide (GSG). Click to download a PDF copy of the Plynth GSG.

All images and graphics were created using Illustrator and Photoshop. All layouts done in InDesign.

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