Local business owner Kate approached me when she wanted to re-brand her business. She had previously been focused on one modality but wanted an identity that reflected more than just one type of wellness practice as she expanded her skill set. So Integrated Healing Studio was born.

I helped Kate with her logo, she wanted something clean and orderly, but dynamic and organic too. We focused on colors that are associated with wellness and organics, and I developed a mark for her to use that met all her criteria. I combined it with some type to give her a vertical application:




And a horizontal application too:logo-h


I created business cards for Kate using the vertical logo with two color options for the back of the card. I also created a dotted-line version of her logo that she can use as an accent on her collateral, and applied it to the back of the card in a larger scale for interest.




Here are the cards printed up and sitting in her office.


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