Last year, I took on a theoretical project to re-design a periodical. Choosing a subject that is near and dear to my heart, I went with Dog Fancy.

I picked up a copy at my local BN, and went to work. All the content for the redesigned pages is exactly the same as what appeared in the original layouts so that I had to work with the same challenges.

Here is what the front cover and table of contents looked like on the original issue:

DogFancy Originals


Here is how I redesigned the front cover:

DogFancy Cover 1a.1


And my redesigned table of contents:

TOC 1b


Here is how I handled the letter to the editor:

Letter From Editor 1b


These are pages from the  feature story spread (that’s my dog Sophie on the title page, I took the photo last year, she has so much more gray on her face now):

DF Article Spread 1b_Page_1DF Article Spread 1b_Page_2

DF Article Spread 1b_Page_3DF Article Spread 1b_Page_4


Finally, I did another cover for the next month’s issue. I did the illustration and had fun making up the articles that might appear.

DogFancy Cover 2a.1


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